If you are Wine Lover, Culture seeker, curious, epicurean, party animal, fearless… this blog is for you.

Portraits de bulles-about

‘Portraits de Bulles’ is the first champagne blog of its kind which will guide Champagne lovers through discovery of the singular Champagne wine universe.

With their flavors, expressions and representations there is no wine like Champagne. Source of emotions and unique sensations, this site is the opportunity to share the passion, experience and knowledge of champagne to all the wine lovers who would like to explore the world of the méthode champenoise.

Invitation to broaden understanding and to discover Champagne in a different way, ‘Portraits de Bulles’ is not corrupted and do not receive any cents for the articles.

 And remember : because Champagne is also about culture …

Come quickly ! I’m tasting stars!” – Dom Pierre Perignon

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