104340682_1093107557757103_5374001771903945608_n          Born in Champagne, American at heart, epicurean and of course champagne lover, it is my grandfather who passed the champagne passion on me. Not only his work at Marne et Champagne saved his life during the World War II, but he also used to share family time around a glass of champagne and with a visit of the House of Champagne Mercier on the scenic train every Sunday with his grandchildren.

Champagne is a very singular wine not only by its very specific and rigorous Méthode Champenoise but also for its diversity and complexity. More important, champagne is a wine of sharing, culture and exchange.

By creating this Blog I wanted to share with you my passion and help you to choose the Champagne that will suit your taste and all your quality time… If you don’t find the information you are looking for or if you have any question, feel free to contact me, I will do my best to answer you in the best delay.