Pairing known as impossible Champagne and Coffee (2/6)


The Lelarge-Pugeot family has been telling the story of the generous lands of Vrigny for over 200 years. At the head of the estate, Dominique and Dominique, two uncompromising winemakers, two vine gardeners, two artisans serving nature and making good sense their first choice. Together, and with the help of their three children – Clémence, Valentin and Clotilde – they craft wines with high degrees of emotion, wines that take you by the hand and invite you to take the country lane of the Vrigny vineyards. Their style: living and vibrant wines “grown” with absolute respect for nature.


In the Lelarge Pugeot family, the vine has been worked since 1799 from father to son and daughter. True enthusiasts, today Dominique and Dominique, 7th generation of winegrowers on the estate, farm and watch with sincere humility over the family vineyard ; 8.7 hectares divided into 42 separate plots, all on limestone, clay loam and sand soils, spread over the terroirs of Vrigny, Coulommes and Gueux. Mainly planted with Meunier, the ancestral grape variety of the estate, their vineyard respects perfectly history.


The couple of winegrowers pay a unique and special attention to each stage of the farming of the vine in order to craft natural champagnes reflecting the vivacity of the fruit. Therefore, it is quite logically that they thought about the evolution of their viticulture as soon as their came back to the estate, moving first towards to a sustainable approach, then organic and biodynamic. Over the years, the crafters have reduced the use of chemical inputs, grassed and plowed their vines, used biodynamic preparations until the certification in 2013 – they even opened up to beekeeping in 2016. Terroirs and grape varieties have therefore naturally regained their rights. Choices of wisdom, but of intuition as well allow them to reveal the true potential of their vines and their terroir.
Regarding the vinification, the winegrowers intervene as less as possible in order to craft natural wines reflecting the taste and energy of the terroir. The objective in the cellar is to guide the wine with gentleness, respect and humility to make way for the grape variety and the terroir. The coteaux champenois are vinified in barrels, the champagnes in vats for pure, chiseled wines and with great finesse, with for some cuvées a passage in barrels or in foudres for complexity. This quest for excellence carried out by Dominique and Dominique is contagious since they were joined by the 8th generation, Clémence and Valentin, their two elders – but Clotilde is never far away.

The wines are natural, authentic, offering great tension and incomparable salinity.



A cuvée dedicated to the eldest child of Dominique and Dominique: Clémence. This pure Meunier Blanc de Noirs is made exclusively from the 2011 harvest of vines with an average age of 40 years. The vinification is carried-out in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks and uses indigenous yeasts. A low dosage champagne (only 3g / L) with great minerality perfectly reflecting the spirit of the House.

The color is golden yellow with lemon hints. On the nose, the wine is expressive and very pure with buttery and brioche notes. The attack is both mineral and balanced with a very fruity side and a nice freshness.
Aromas of lemon, apples and ripe yellow plums are gradually unveiled. The finish is long and elegant with almond notes and a minty touch.

The Pairings

Prior warning:
Let’s keep in mind here that the idea for these pairings is not to drink both together or even less so to blend them, but to be able to switch from one product to the other without faux-pas and to let the two products elevate themselves…

PaIRING n°1 – COLD BREW technique

Coffee tasting
To the eye, the Colombian Pink Bourbon with the Cold Brew method offers a clear color with a very beautiful gradient of copper. By making slight circular movements with the glass, the vintage reveals a lot of fluidity. On the nose, the delicacy of coffee is expressed with a very large aromatic palette ; notes of orange blossom, caramel and toffee are revealed, as well as aromas of exotic fruits, orange peel, sap and orangette. The coffee evolves on with more spicy notes with balsamic and smoky aromas. On the palate, the drink is very expressive as well, with fig savors and a typical fluidity coming from its sandy soil origins. With all these different aromas, fruitiness is necessary to create a balance, just like the one of Les Meuniers de Clémence cuvée.

Result of the pairing
The wine brings complexity and the sensation of elegance and fluidity. Together, champagne and coffee are taking each other along. The cuvée is so easily accepted by the Cold Brew. The wine even revives the creaminess ; it develops notes of quince and apricot, while coffee elegantly “pushes” champagne.


Pairing n°2 – Slow Coffee TECHNIQUE

Coffee tasting
Here, the Slow Coffee method give to the Vulcan Azul coffee a darker color with red hints and a beautiful orange color. The nose is rich and generous with impressive autumnal notes, such as aromas of dates, baked apples, squash and violets. On the palate as well, the coffee offers a very late-season side with the same elegant notes of baked apple and date.

Result of the pairing
A pairing with great suppleness and refinement. The harmony is easily done with finesse, including on the nose. The coffee surprisingly explodes the fruity flavors of the champagne for an elegant aromatic harmony.


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