Secraie – Printemps des champagnes 2017


10 passionate winegrowers from the hillsides of Sézanne – Côteaux Sézannais – grouped together for a day of tasting in Reims the 22nd of April. An event of the association called Secraie to promote their terroir and their champagnes. A unique opportunity for the professionals from all over the world to discover this part of the Appellation and its diversity.


Secraie for the chalk – craie in french – of their terroir and for the secret but it won’t be one anymore soon… Secraie is a group of passionate winegrowers from the Côteaux Sézannais of the Champagne AOC. Founded in august 2014, the association has its heart set on pointing out their terroir and their know-how, but also the specificity of each of the winemakers part of the group. All the members are Récoltant-Manipulants respecting a strong commitment to their membership charter. Proud of their work and their region, the producers introduce a unique and discret terroir of the Champagne region : the Côteaux Sézannais.

The Côteaux Sézannais

Little known but composed of 12 villages with almost 1500 hectares on the south of the Côte des Blancs, the hillsides of Sézanne offers a generous nature and gentle hills. The major grape variety is the Chardonnay then the Pinot Noir. Thanks to the soils made of soft chalk with tuf, clay or sand and the meridional orientation of the vineyard, the terroir of the region produces riper grapes creating a real wine identity : the champagnes are creamy, round and mineral with citrus notes. As the group members explain themselves : ‘a different spirit – southerner,  more solar for the Chardonnay’

Villages of the Coteaux du Sézannais : Allemant – Broyes – Sézanne – Vindey – Saudoy – Barbonne-Fayel – Fontaine Denis – La Celle-sous-Chantemerle – Chantemerle – Bethon – Montgenost – Villenauxe-La-Grande

1 terroir, 10 winegrowers, 10 individualities

This Saturday 22nd of April, the group hosted professionals from all over the world for a unique tasting event. Part of the Printemps des Champagnes, the tasting was the opportunity to discover the 13 characters of the association in the exceptional setting of the Pavillon CG in Reims. Built in 1845 by Monsieur Fortel, this beautiful residence is a place for gastronomy and Champagne, ideal to host the winemakers and their guests.

From the village of Allemant, Marlène and Damien of the Champagne Delong Marlène cultivate with great respect of nature the diversity and the complexity of their vineyard. The choice of a sustainable viticulture allows them to create expressive and full of character cuvées that are the reflect of their chalky terroir complexity. Their emblematic cuvée – Esprit Nature « Chardonnay » – is an harmonious wine with a lot of complexity and minerality. A fresh, generous and full-bodied champagne.

In Bethon, Danièle, Adrien and Dominique from Champagne Dominique Jarry manage with respect the 8 hectares of the family estate since 1985. They chose a sustainable viticulture in order to create with passion wines offering a lot of freshness, vegetal notes and complexity. They selected their Prestige cuvée as their emblematic champagne : a subtle, refined and mineral wine with expressive notes of citrus, chlorophyll and hazelnuts. An aromatic and refreshing champagne.

In Fontaine Denis, Cédric Guyot – from the House of the same name – manages his 5,6 ha estate perpetuating the tradition of the family. Through his work and his cuvées he is dedicated to share his passion for wine and terroir. His champagnes are well-balanced on the fruit with an elegant minerality and tautness. The emblematic cuvée presented for the tasting is the 2010 vintage :  a generous, fresh and delicate wine with fruity notes.

Created in 1960, Champagne Pierre Launay in Barbonne-Fayel is now managed by Lionel, Laurent and Jérôme, three brothers who have at heart to produce high quality wines while respecting nature. Their eco-friendly method creates champagnes with great fineness, freshness and complexity. The emblematic cuvée – an Extra-Brut Blanc de Blancs 2008 vintage – offers a subtle aromatic  ripe fruit bouquet with strong mineral notes.

At Champagne G.Richomme, Florence, Christophe and Laurent farm a total of 10 ha in Barbonne-Fayel. Their approach blends perfectly tradition and sustainable viticulture as well as a creative touch creating generous and fresh champagnes. Presented that day, Marguerite de la Renaudière – a blanc de blancs – is the emblematic cuvée of the house; an harmonious, vinous and well-balanced wine with white flowers and dried fruit notes.

The first vines of Champagne Frédéric Torchet were planted in 1966. Today, Elise, Frédéric and Laetitia cultivate with respect for the environment their 7 hectares to elaborate fresh, elegant and harmonious wines. The Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs – emblematic cuvée of the estate – is rich, complex and frank at the same time thanks to its vinification in oak barrels. A 100% chardonnay champagne for gastronomic moments.

In Vindey, Adeline and Bertrand from Champagne Bertrand Doyard perpetuate the tradition on the 4,30 hectares of the family. Together, they produce champagnes as natural as possible and preserve at maximum the aromas of their wines. The cuvées are fresh and mineral. The emblematic cuvée – a 30% Pinot Noir, 70% Chardonnay brut champagne – is round and well-balanced with toasted and candied lemon notes. A wine reflecting the style of the estate.

Wine and terroir passion in Barbonne-Fayel at Champagne Michel Marcoult : Florence and Julien vinify champagnes in the purest respect for tradition. The winemakers do their best to enhance the terroir through their work. The wines from the House are generous, mineral and fresh. During the tasting, the emblematic cuvée – Authentic Les Macrêts, a single plot Blanc de Blancs aged in oak barrels – offered complexity, fruitiness with roasted and spicy notes.

Complicity, individuality, at Domaine Collet Champagne in Fontaine Denis the three brothers Florent, Vincent & Thomas work hand in hand with their father René – founder of the estate. Together they enhance their work on the atypical terroir and create authentic, generous and precise champagnes. Their emblematic cuvée called Empreinte de Terroir – a 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot noir wine – offers a great minerality and rich aromas. A fragrant, fleshy and fruity champagne.

In Montgenost, Benoît and Hélène from Champagne Benoît Cocteaux care deeply about precise maturity. Their sustainable viticulture and the separation of each plot for the vinification allow them to produce fruity, supple and round champagnes offering an elegant amplitude. The Or Blanc cuvée – emblematic cuvée of the House – develops licorice and acacia flower notes as well as delicate lemon, peach. A crisp champagne with a lot of freshness and generosity.


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