Champagne Pairing – Introduction

If champagne is considered as “the king of wines”, it has been gradually relegated to the rank of celebratory wine position. Too often neglected by connoisseurs in pairing for the benefit of other wines, few are the restaurants daring to venture on the path of champagne harmony on the table, preferring the moment of the aperitif for the spotlights. Yet, Champagne is indeed a wine of culture and gastronomy ! Through its diversity and its different organoleptic qualities, the wines of champagne offer a range of infinite combinations, including the most difficult dishes and products to marry. If the nose can be floral, elegant, herbaceous or rather mature with hints of honey, hazelnuts … On the palate, the aromas, structures and sensations vary depending on the terroirs of origin, grape varieties, viticulture and the vinification chosen by the winegrower. With a palette so complex, it becomes finally obvious, and almost too easy to pair the champagne – including “so-called impossible” products to marry with champagne sparkles…

Broaching the subject of champagne pairing is not an easy thing and pretty often the the opinions diverge but it is necessary – especially as in the world of wine, a forewarned “matchmaker” is forearmed. A few rules make it possible to come good successful and harmonious matches and to highlight the champagne gems. The opportunity to go even further and to venture on the path of wine pairing sometimes with a bad reputation, but also to unveil some wines from the Champagne artisan with elegant acidity. By the way, it is also this acidity that keeps the palate alert and which must be at the heart of the harmonies.

So let’s push the boundaries to discover new aromas – without ever besmirching the Tradition. And let’s remember one thing : whether you’re more sweet, salty, sour,… cheese, meet, chocolate, cake, coffee or cigar … a successful champagne pairing, it’s all about a pairing that makes you happy !


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